The year 2018 saw the creation of the Valencian Audiovisual Academy, an initiative that emerged from the hands of a group of professionals in response to a historical omission. The AVAV took shape following the model of other academies, such as the Academia de Cine Catalán or the Academia Galega do Audiovisual, a meeting point for a sector that would bring together all the parties involved in film and television production, as well as the growing video game industry. A space for reflection on the Valencian audiovisual arts and a tool to promote their development, which becomes a generator of opinion, a centre for analysis, research and dissemination.

As a result of these dynamics, AVAV presents TRAMA, its first publication dedicated exclusively to our audiovisual arts. Aimed at professionals in the sector, TRAMA is a magazine born with the ambition of serving as the epicentre of the debate that is so necessary for an industry that aspires to be alive and in permanent dialogue with its present, its past and its future. Reports, interviews, analysis and opinion articles, current news… TRAMA was born with the intention of being a vehicle at the service of a sector that needed a platform of its own, with which to convey its concerns. Its name, TRAMA (plot, fabric), refers to the plot of a film, but it also refers to the structure that unites the parts of a whole. That whole is our audiovisual.

With the participation of:

  • Pep Llopis, president of the AVAV.
  • Cristina Perales, vice-president of the AVAV
  • Gerardo León, director of TRAMA
Venue and schedule
  • Wednesday 20. La Filmoteca. 11.30h.

Free access