Mostra de València–Cinema del Mediterrani is a gathering both for expert and enthusiast cinema lovers. It is a space where the public and creators meet to enjoy a specially selected programme with the aim of showing high quality titles that are not usually found in commercial circuits.

The Mostra’s programme is also specific to a geographic and cultural space as a way of defining our identity from the Mediterranean basin. It is a diverse and plural space, as enriching as it is tragic; a source of inspiration for artistic production, full of contradictions, challenges, clashes, hopes and a future yet to be defined.


Mostra de València i Iniciatives Audiovisuals is the Municipal Autonomous Organism depending on Valencia City Council in charge of the celebration of the Mostra de València–Cinema del Mediterrani film festival, with the vision of creating a solid and long-term project that consolidates the Mostra de València as a cultural reference in the city and for the city, aiming for maximum visibility outside our region.


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