Spain, Italy, Tunisis, Lebanon, Morocco. 2021. Color. 87′

A selection of short films from film schools in Beirut, Marrakech, València and Tunisia curated by COPEAM (Conférence Permanente de l’Audiovisuel Mediterranéen) in collaboration with the Università Telematica Internazionale Uninettuno, with the aim of promoting the first works of young filmmakers from the Mediterranean countries. Includes the short films “THE TOWER OF SILENCE”, “LA VEILLE DU VOLCAN”, “DESCENT INTO LIMBO” and “EL ÚLTIMO TELEGRAFISTA”


Morocco. 2021. Color. 19’. OVEVS

Director and scriptwriter: Mohamed Aouad

Photography: Houyam Houdi

Music: Mokrane Tighermet, Tarek Tighermet

Cast: Ali Elbouhali, Kenza Mamen Menebhi, Mohammed Bousbaa, Kenza Mouahidi, Amine Killou

Production: ESAV Marrakech

A young Moroccan boy lives alone on his parents’ farm. After a meal, his family discovers that the aftermath of his past goes beyond anything they could have imagined.


Tunisia. 2021. Color. 21’. OVEVS

Director and scriptwriter: Abanoub Youssef

Photography: Edriss Essoussi

Music: Mohamed Amine Mlayeh

Cast: Fatma Ben Saidan, Ridha Boukadida, Abdelmonen Chouaiet, Amal Barka

Production: ESAC Gammarth

Three parallel stories, a long-awaited anger, oppressed people… But when conscience awakens, there is only one path to take: the path of rage, the path of the volcano. Waiting for the next African revolution, the next volcano.


Lebanon. 2021. Color. 32’. OVEVS

Director and scriptwriter: Maria Ghosh

Photography: Pauline Maroun

Music: Charbel Bark

Cast: Shadi Rabahik, Thea Ghanem, Maya Dagher, Vincent Matta

Production: Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts

The arrival and behaviour of three people from the city who rent a hut in the countryside disrupts the lives of a couple of brothers who live there, and who will be plunged into a tragic relationship with them.


Spain, Italy. 2021. Color. 12’. OVEVS

Director: Pablo Sánchez

Scriptwriter: José Font, Javier Sahuquillo

Photography: Sandro Camerata

Music: Rafa Tomás (Farmode)

Cast: Beniamino Presutti

Production: Barreira Arte + Diseño, Centro Sperimentale di Roma

Routine, uselessness and monotony take their toll on the last of the army’s telegraph corps. Everything will change when the world is plunged back into war and this department is the last front available for battle.

  • Martes 25. Babel Sala 5.20h

Con la presencia de Guillaume Ortiou-Campion, representante de COPEAM, y Pablo Sánchez, director de El último telegrafista