Key figure of the New York no wave scene. Forerunner of the riot grrrl movement. Indomitable activist of words and performance. Lydia Lunch is many things. A multifaceted figure with a musical career that includes her own bands, solo albums and collaborations with Sonic Youth, Birthday Party, Foetus, Michael Gira and Exene Cervenka, among others. Also with Marc Hurtado, another multidisciplinary artist (music, painting, cinema, poetry) with whom she shares his admiration for the Suicide duo. The two take the stage to pay a sincere tribute to the immortal repertoire of Alan Vega and Martin Rev. Tribute? Call it a ceremony.

Foto: Hélène Cazes

Venue and schedule
  • Saturday 23. 16 Toneladas. 19h.

Free access with prior ticket reservation