Syria. 2022. Color. 70'.

In Serekaniye, a town near the Syrian border, a young woman is all set to celebrate her wedding the next day, but her family receives news of an imminent threat of a war attack on the town and must decide whether to go ahead or cancel the event.

  • Saturday, 21. Babel 1. 11h.

Publicly open press pass

  • Sunday, 22. Babel 4. 18h.

With the attendance of the director, Sevinaz Evdike

  • Monday, 23. Babel 1. 18.30h.
  • Director and scripwritter: Sevinaz Evdike
  • Photography: Olmo Couto Pérez
  • Music: Mahmoud Berazi
  • Cast: Kajeen Aloush, Nebeer Khanem, Barin Resho
  • Production and distribution: Rojava Film Commune