Portugal. 2011. Color. 91'.

On a business trip, a school inspector gets lost in a remote region of the province he is visiting and ends up staying overnight at the mansion of an eccentric, decadent, vampiric-looking aristocrat whose hobby is making predictions about women, horses, and politicians.

  • Tuesday, 24. Babel 5. 20h.
  • Thursday, 26. Babel 5. 19.30h.
  • Director: Edgar Pêra
  • Scriptwriter: Edgar Pêra, Luísa Costa Gomes, basado en la novela de Branquinho da Fonseca
  • Photography: Luís Branquinho
  • Music: Vozes da Ràdio
  • Cast: Nuno Melo, Marina Albuquerque, Marcos Barbosa, Vítor Correia, Leonor Keil, Jorge Prendas
  • Production: Cinemate
  • Coproduction: Bando à Parte