Suyun Üstü
Turkey. 2023. Color. 116'.

Before going to jail for exposing government corruption, a journalist convinces his family to take a sailing trip along the Aegean coast. As soon as they leave port, tensions arise and new secrets are revealed.

  • Saturday, 21. Babel 1. 16h.

Publicly open press pass

  • Sunday, 22. Babel 4. 20h.

With the attendance of the director, Aslihan Unaldi, y el equipo de la película

  • Tuesday, 24. Babel 1. 18.15h.
  • Director and scriptwritter: Aslihan Unaldi
  • Photography: Andre Jäger
  • Music: Deniz Güngör
  • Cast: Nihan Aker, Elit İşcan, Lila Gürmen, Oscar Pearce, Eren Çiğdem, Serhat Ünaldi
  • Production and distribution: Siren Film