Palestina, here and now

M ostra de Valencia–Cinema del Mediterrani would like to highlight the Palestinian film creation and diversity. Cinema has become an essential piece of art when trying to make a situation visible or a reality recognised. Talking about Palestinian cinema means discovering a cinematography that is closely linked to the history of its people, built on the views of Palestinians from within the conflict or of foreign filmmakers aware of the cause. A cinema that is characterised by searching for authenticity, identity and imagination, often hidden by the noise of confrontation. In contrast to the usual documentary proposals, the cycle “Palestine, here and now” is made up of eight fiction full-length films. Although there is a tendency to think that both the idea of trauma and conflict have homogenised the discourses, in the selected films we can see that the directors offer several stories and formats, reflecting diverse views. The cycle “Palestine, here and now” at the 33rd edition of the Mostra de Valencia–Cinema del Mediterrani has received advice from the BDS movement.

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