Spain. 2023. Color. 81'.

A woman stands in front of her front door every morning before going to work. Every day she stops a little longer. What she doesn't know is that someone is watching her.

  • Saturday, 21. Babel 3. 22h.

With the attendance of the directors, Àlex Andrés y Emilio Encabo Lucini, and the film's team.

  • Directors: Àlex Andrés, Emilio Encabo Lucini
  • Scriptwriter and photography: Emilio Encabo Lucini
  • Music: Àlex Andrés
  • Cast: Carla Pascual, Olivia Charco, Ainoa Alpuente, Alejandro Pedro Ponce, Sergio Martín, Lucía Peñarrocha
  • Production and distribution: En Terra de Ningú