Spain. 2023. Color. 89'.

Based on a personal reconstruction of the missing film Drakula halála, a filmmaker explores the myth of the vampire and its relationship to the cinematic image of the past.

  • Wednesday, 25. Babel 1. 20h.

With the attendance of the director, Ramón Alfonso, and the film's team.



  • Direction and scriptwriter: Ramón Alfonso
  • Photography: Iván Pérez, Ramón Alfonso
  • Music: Hugo Mas, Pau Miquel Soler, Pablo González, Elies Fuster
  • Cast: Julia Casañ, Pepe Sapena, Francesc Miró, Óscar Brox, Carlos Bertomeu, Paco Lozano, Hugo Duato, Rosa Miravalles
  • Photography and production: Cordelier