Grazie ragazzi
Italy. 2023. Color. 117'.

An unemployed actor takes a job as an acting workshop teacher in a penitentiary institution and manages to convince the prison warden to perform Samuel Beckett's comedy Waiting for Godot in a real theatre, outside the prison walls.

  • Friday, 20. Babel 3. 16.30h.
  • Tuesday, 24. Babel 3. 20.30h.
  • Wednesday, 25. Babel 4. 16h.
  • Director: Riccardo Milani
  • Scriptwriter: Riccardo Milani, Michele Astori
  • Photography: Saverio Guarna
  • Music: Davide Canori
  • Cast: Antonio Albanese, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Sonia Bergamasco, Giacomo Ferrara, Gerhard Koloneci, Vinicio Marchioni
  • Production: Palomar Television & Film Production, Wildside
  • Distribution: Vision Distribution