L’uomo in più
Italy. 2001. Color. 100'.

Naples, 1980s. A time of prosperity in the Italy of easy success. Two men share the same name and the same date of birth: one is a footballer, the other a singer. They lead totally separate lives, but their destinies will cross by chance in a time of decadence for.

  • Friday, 20. La Filmoteca. 20h.
  • Monday, 23. La Filmoteca. 18h.
  • Direction and scriptwriter: Paolo Sorrentino
  • Photography: Pasquale Mari
  • Music: Pasquale Catalano
  • Cast: Toni Servillo, Andrea Renzi, Ninni Bruschetta, Angela Goodwin, Nello Mascia, Peppe Lanzetta
  • Production: Indigo Film, Key Films