Portugal. 2001. Color. 87'.

In Lisbon's picturesque Misericórdia neighbourhood lives a womanising character who seems not to have realised that his way of life is a thing of the past, but why should he care if it has no effect on the six ladies with whom he has relations?

  • Sunday, 29. La Filmoteca. 18h.
  • Dirección: Edgar Pêra
  • Scriptwriter: Senhor Ego, Lúcia Sigalho, Manuel João Vieira
  • Photography: Luís Branquinho
  • Music: Tiago Lopes, Artur Cyaneto, Paulo Pedro Gonçalves, Pedro Ayres Magalhães
  • Cast: Lúcia Sigalho, Manuel João Vieira, Nuno Melo, Miguel Borges, João Didelet, José Wallenstein, Nuno Bizarro
  • Production: Akademya Luzoh-Galaktika, Madragoa Filmes