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Presentation of valencian feature films in the Circuit Cultural Valencià

Thursday 25th October 2018

Luis G. Berlanga Room Of The Film Library

Organised by: Institut Valencià de Cultura i Mostra de València-Cinema del Mediterrani

This event is aimed at cultural programme organisers in the Region of Valencia, with the aim of learning more about the audiovisual offer of the Circuit Cultural Valencià of Institut Valencià de Cultura in 2018-2019.

A short film catalogue will be made and the documentary and fiction feature films will be presented, which are added to the offer from 2017.

On the other hand, the archive of the Valencia Film Library has made part of its funds available to the town halls of the Circuit Cultural Valencià, a set of films from the beginning of cinema, which are part of Valencian audiovisual heritage.

Finally, the Institut Valencià de Cultura has acquired the projection rights for one year for the winning works in the latest edition of the festival Cine Jove that can be projected free of charge in the town halls of the Circuit Cultural Valencià until the end of July 2019.”


11h Opening.

Eduardo Guillot, Artistic Director of Mostra de València-Cinema del Mediterrani and Abel Guarinos, Director of Institut Valencià de Cultura


Inma Trull, Head of the Film Recovery Department of the Film Library.

11:30h-12h pausa café


12h Valencian Short Films

José Luis Moreno, Assistant Director of Audiovisual Material and Cinematography of Institut Valencià de Cultura


12h 12h Valencian fiction and documentary feature films 2016-2017

The representatives of each film will have five minutes to explain their projects. The five minutes will be divided: two minutes will be used to project the trailer, one minute to present the content they wish to highlight and the remaining time will only be for questions from the audience. At the end of each part, there will be a few minutes for discussions.


13h Winning Films Of Cinema Jove 2017

Carlos Madrid, Director of Cinema Jove


13:30h Appetisers