Registration 2023

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: June 15th, 2023, 12:00 p.m. CET (Noon)


CONTACT INFO (Who is filling out the form)


At least 15% of the financing should be in place when applying to the Forum


NOTICE: All documents must be submitted in English. The total weight of the attachments may not exceed 20Mb.

Film dossier that contains the following information:

  • Long synopsis (1 page).
  • Bio-filmography of the director.
  • Director’s statement.
  • Profile and filmography of the film company and the producer.
  • Material on the audiovisual approach: Image reference genes, moodboard or similar to explain the aesthetic aspects of the film.
  • Budget summary.
  • Optional: Link to previous films or audiovisual works of its fillmaker.
  • Optional: Link to the teaser of the project and/or video-pitch of its filmmaker.

  • Treatment of the film (maximum 10 pages) or, in case the shooting has already begun, a link to the mounted preview version (rough cut) can be included.

  • Detailed budget of the project.

  • Estimated financing plan, indicating the percentage that is already covered (15% minimum) and which is credited with a signed declaration (from the TV network, producer, fund, etc.).

  • A photograph that best represent your project, it would accompany the project information. It can be a film still, an illustration, etc.

  • Link (optional): Rough cut -if production has already begun-.